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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

R&D of our innovative ideas in-house, turning

them into cutting edge technologies,

deployment via spin-offs & partners.


Our eye-based platform got excellent feedback from

clients. It enables a wide range of markets: consumer, enterprise, IOT, automotive, security & medical.

Who Am Eye?

You will never guess what we can know

about you from your eyes...

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The Eye-Tech Platform

We have developed a cutting edge platform (system and algorithms), designed especially to acquire a person’s eye-dynamics and analyze them.

Our Eye-Dynamics signals include a combination of both pupil dilation dynamics, blinking dynamics and eye movement dynamics. 


Eye-Dynamics are influenced by a variety of factors: light, sound, medical condition, fatigue, excitement, stress, cognitive load, personal characteristics etc. These factors create variations in Eye-Dynamics within and between users. Based on more than 12 years of experience with eye movement, we apply an innovative holistic approach, which helped us develop special algorithms, which consider these factors in our analysis, thus obtaining great results. We are constantly working on improving our Eye-Tech platform. 



Our Eye-Tech platform is capable of acquiring images using a USB, VGA video sensor at 30-240 Hz. An Eye-Dynamic signal is calculated from the video using our own propriety eye-tracking algorithms. Our eye-tracking system delivers a very high sub-pixel resolution of 0.05 pixels. It is able to detect even very small eye-movements of 3'. In addition to its high resolution tracking, our system delivers an excellent dynamic response. ​ In contrary to most eye-tracking systems, our propriety algorithms focus on preserving the Eye-Dynamics signal characteristics.


100's of Features

Based on our high precision and unique eye-tracking system, and its rich Eye-Dynamics response, we have extracted, explored and developed many new parameters from our Eye-Dynamics signal.

Beyond "Just" Eye-Tracking

The extracted parameters reflect and quantify different attributes of the user. Thus these innovative parameters open the door for using the Eye-Dynamic signals for many new & exciting Applications.


Our core technology is compact, elegant and affordable. Accordingly, it can be used in stand-alone products, deployed in existing products and be used as an add on to a PC, laptop, goggles (VR) or a mobile device. Thus our Eye-Tech core technology, enables deploying eye based application in a wide range of existing and new target markets (consumer, enterprise, IOT, automotive, security & medical and more). 








Current state
of mind






Our Technology



The eyes may serve as an easy access interface to many brain activities, providing various exciting applications

Lie Detection - EyeLie™


Successfully Tested 

PooW is developing an enhanced performance lie detector, which detects lies by analyzing the user’s Eye-Dynamics. It requires only a camera, a screen and a processor with our propriety protocols and algorithms.

The EyeLie™ technology has successfully completed external tests that prove it is an excellent tool for lie detection. The tests were designed and conducted by the Israeli Prime Minister Office (Israel State Security) at his facilities. The test was a blind test, thus PooW did not know how many participants were lying, and which of the participants was lying.

The results prove that the EyeLie™ technology can detect liars with high sensitivity, specificity and accuracy (93%).

Furthermore, the technology exhibited high performance in both auditory protocols and in visual based protocols.

User Interface - EyeCon™

Solution at A Glance

Imagine a magical user interface, where things happen merely by the user looking at something. This is exactly what the EyeCon™ technology delivers, thus enabling a totally new user-experience.


We offer an innovative, intriguing, intuitive and fun way to interact and play. Our EyeCon™ technology (patent pending) introduces a natural user-interface based on the user's Eye-Dynamics.

Biometric Identification - EyeDentify™


Not More of the Same

Each of us has unique Eye-Movements. 

Our technology is based on using a user's unique eye-movement signal as a biometric signature that can identify him uniquely. ​The person to be identified (user) watches a moving target (visual stimulus) on a screen, while the camera acquires the user's eye-dynamic response; a processing unit, analyzes the signals and creates a unique identification signature that identifies the user.

Spoof Proof - Virtually Impossible to Fake

Unlike existing biometrics that use unchanging patterns, which can be stolen (for example fingerprint, face, iris), our technology is based on dynamic patterns, making it virtually impossible to fool. The system present to the user a different stimulus each time he approaches the system; thus his response is different each approach. This dynamic and real-time nature of the system implies that the technology includes a built-in liveness detection mechanism, thus it assures that faking of a user's response is virtually impossible, thus spoofing the system is also virtually impossible.

Medical Tools - EyeMed™


The EyeMed™ Markets

Eye-movements relate closely to the functional integrity of the injured brain, thus they can be recruited for many neurological and cognitive medical tasks such as diagnostics, monitoring and treatment of patients.


Accordingly, eye-movements may be used for diagnosis for brain-related disorder and injuries such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, Schizophrenia, ADHD, Chronic pain, Depression, Concussion and more. Furthermore, eye-movements may be used, after the diagnosis step, to monitor the progress of the patient with time and to assess his response to different treatments and medications. Thus eye-movement monitoring can be a powerful tool to develop new treatments and medication. Eye-movements may also be used for monitoring patients in pain, comma or under anesthesia. In addition, special protocols and exercises (eye-based) can be used in some cases as part of a treatment procedure for the patient. 


Profiling - EyeAm™

Who “Am Eye”??

The Eyes as a Window to a Person's Soul







We know it!


​The eyes are considered by many as a window to a person's soul. This saying is backed up by the tight connection between a person's eye dynamics and his cognitive state, current state of mind and personal characteristics. Knowing a person's state of mind can be used for many exciting applications. 


Our Applications
User Interface
Medical Tools
Biometric Identification
Lie Detection



PooW at a Glance

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Dr. Daphna Palti-Wasserman founded PooW innovation in 2004, based on 30 years of experience in R&D, management & entrepreneurship in the academy (Technion, Israel Institute of Technology) and in the industry.

Working with Dr. Palti-Wasserman is an experienced multi-disciplinary team with a proven track record.

Our mission: Research & Development, in-house, of our own innovative ideas, until they mature into cutting edge technologies (incubation stage); Deployment of our innovative technologies by launching Spin-ups & products. PooW is seeking investors, costumers, and strategic partners to collaborate in development & deployment of its unique technologies.


In the last years the Company has been focusing on developing eye based technologies, products and applications for a variety of markets. In addition, the company offers comprehensive R&D, consulting & outsourcing services. The company has worldwide pending patents related to eye based technologies, and is planning to submit additional patents in the near future.

Our Team

Dr. Daphna Palti-Wasserman Ph.D. Founder & CEO

Daphna’s track record includes 20 years of experience in the industry in  entrepreneurship, R&D and management in large companies (IBM Research laboratories), and in start-ups. Daphna was the founder and CEO of ID-U Biometrics (2006-2012). Currently Daphna is the founder & CEO of PooW Innovation (2004), and serves as a member of the expert committee in biometrics, within The Standard Institution of Israel. Daphna has a rich track record of international presentations, scientific publications and patents. 

Daphna holds a Ph.D. and MA from the faculty of biomedical engineering, and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering all from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Over the years, she has participated in various advanced studies programs, such as the prestigious Israeli Executive Leadership Program.

Science and Research Engineering and Development

PooW’s multidisciplinary R&D team has been working together for more than 10 years. They have vast experience in many disciplines, and special expertise with bio-signals and eye-movement signals. The team includes: electrical engineers, algorithm experts, biomedical engineers, software engineers, hardware engineers, and physiology experts. The team has a rich track record of transforming ideas into working prototypes and products, focusing mainly on medical devices. Our know-how includes: algorithms development and testing, clinical studies, FDA and CE approvals, system\software\electronics design, development, prototyping and production.


Our team includes experienced Product Designers, which have a track record of working with leading global brands and startups. They have experience in topics such as user experience, user interface, human factor, wearable devices, managing focus groups and prototyping including 3D printing.


Security & Management

PooW team was strengthen by recruiting people experienced in security and management. An expert with a rich track record of over 20 years in the field of investigation, intelligence and polygraph joined our team. His experience includes senior positions for state security organizations, the Israeli Prime Minister Office, the Israeli Police and private polygraph institutes.

Ram Ben-Barak served for more than 30 years in the Mosad (the Israeli intelligence agency) in many positions including deputy head of the Mosad. After completing his year in the Mosad, he served as a special adviser in the IDF and as the CEO of the Intelligence ministry until 2016. 

Track Record Since 2004

Eye-Tech Technology

Eye-based core technology for acquisition, eye-tracking and analysis of eye-dynamics, including system & algorithms. 


Eye Based Biometrics Technology 

A system for biometrics identification and authentication based on eye-dynamics. Spin-off 2006 


World Leader in Eye-Dynamics 

Cutting edge R&D, IP for eye based applications, a unique eye-dynamic database, outsourcing/consulting/joint R&D of eye technologies. 


International Recognition 

Winning the title of Best Security Start-Up in the Global Security Challenge Competition, articles in prestigious magazines and papers, invited presentations in international leading conferences,


External Tests

EyeLie™ has successfully completed a blind test. The tests were designed and conducted by the Israeli Prime Minister Office (Israel State Security) at his facilities. The tests prove that EyeLie™ is an excellent tool for lie detection 


Outsourcing, Consulting & Joint R&D Ventures

Joint R&D of optical & medical devices, including medical modules for consumer products and for cell phones (SPO2, ECG, body-fat). 


Outsourcing: R&D projects for eye-tracking products and medical products, experiment planning, analysis and management, feasibility testing of biometrics technologies, Due-diligence of technologies.

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